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An Audio Evolution

The PS1 Speaker System is an evolution in speakers that is nothing short of revolutionary. CD-quality wireless sound streaming from your computer, TV, tablet, or smartphone anywhere in your home: it is a reality that is finally here. No receivers. No wires. No complexity. Just you and your music.


With all-digital internal amplifiers and the PS1's custom designed transducers, we guarantee you'll hear details and nuances in your music that you haven't heard before.


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Wireless Music Streaming

Getting your music without wires, delay, or discernible degradation of sound is the key to a successful wireless solution. Cue takes this further by enabling you to choose the content source, device, and even the software that you use to connect to the speakers. But we didn't stop there. Cue's wireless module has both analog and digital inputs, allowing you to wirelessly stream from legacy non-wireless devices without any complicated setup necessary… just plug and play.



Extreme Bass

Not typically associated with bookshelf-sized speakers, the extreme bass of the PS1 System is made possible by custom components. Small internal subwoofers with extraordinary performance eliminate the need for additional external units. This simplifies the system, but not the results: measurements are flat to an unprecedented low of 27Hz at 3db down.




PS1 powered speaker to stream audio wireless, photo – woofer
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Petite in most ways,
except sound

The PS! Speaker System's small size and simplicity allows it to live in your home in uncluttered harmony. Each PS1 Speaker cabinet measures approximately 15.25" tall (18.75" tall with the aluminum stand), 10" deep, and 7.5" wide. There is no need for external amplifiers, pre-amps, interconnect cables or other equipment. Their impact is big sound, not big size.

Brilliant Highs and Mids

The PS1 System is rounded out with a custom designed, bi-amplified coincident midrange driver and tweeter. This space-efficient configuration is unique in offering a wide-range point source for vocals, mid- and high-frequency percussion components, and brilliantly rich and balanced highs that are time-aligned and easily localized for spectacular imaging.


Translation: the sound stage is broad and convincing, and your music will sound more alive than ever before.



PS1 wireless powered speaker system, photo – cs1 bi-amplified driver

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