Ethics & Manufacturing

Ethics & Manufacturing


We are proud to be the largest manufacturer of fashion in Australia. All of our Australian facilities are Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) certified, which ensures the rights and safety of our local garment workers are protected. ECA work with the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia to regularly audit manufacturers, in turn placing value on the incredible team behind the ‘seams’.

Cue first became accredited with ECA in 2010 and has now become synonymous with ethical fashion in Australia. The priority to manufacture garments locally, and ethically is ingrained in the Cue brand. ECA work closely with the Cue team to ensure its local manufacturers are regularly audited for indicators of modern exploitation, and to enable their workers to have a voice for their rights. We want our customers to know that we know who made their clothes and we care about them as much as they do.

We do our best to manufacture as many styles as we can locally, however we are also proud to work with our trusted manufacturing partners offshore. Many of these partners have been an integral part of the Cue family for over twenty years.

We recognise that all garment workers, along with our retail and head office team deserve a fair and safe working environment. We’re proud to work with factories overseas that are regularly audited by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), our third-party auditors and those employed by other brands manufacturing at the same facilities. These audits monitor Child / Young Labour, Forced Labour, Employment Contracts, Health & Safety, Freedom of Association, Discrimination, Disciplinary Practice, Working Hours, Wages & Compensation, Environment Monitoring of Compliance and Anti-Bribery.

The audits we have in place overseas guarantee that both we, and others who utilise the same factories, are upholding an ethical standard of production. It is our plan to begin working more closely with other brands to ensure our joint supply chain is functioning at the best possible capacity for all people involved.

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